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1st foal due 2016 -- Canela DLT Spanish Andalusian

Canela is bred to Dejado Habano due date is Jan 1st

 Foal can be registered with IALHA as a purebred Spanish Andalusian.

  This foal can be bought in-utero.

 (foal - black or black bay, bay)

#2 -- Izzy, Bred to Redford    `Andalusian`

Due Jan 3 2016

foal can be registered with IALHA as a S/P Andalusian


 This foal can be bought in-utero

 Foal color:

65.63% -
25.00% -
Red (Chestnut/Sorrel)
9.38% -


#3 Diamond - Bred to Eden    ~50% Friesian~

Half Friesian pinto due Jan 20 2016

Diamond - homzygous tobiano, Reg pinto

Eden  - Friesian


 This foal can be bought in-utero

  Foal color

93.75% -
Black Tobiano


#4 Blew - Bred to Eden     ~ 50% Friesian~

Half Friesian foal due Jan 20 2016

dilute foal - Buckskin or smoky black

KR Blew by You - perlino Quarter horse

Eden TWR - Friesian 

  This foal can be bought in-utero

 foal color ~


75.00% -
25.00% -
Smoky Black


 Tiger  -- Bred to Redford

half gypsy, Half Andalusian foal due Feb16 2016


  foal can be bought in-utero

 foal color

had a beautiful red and white colt.

 Splash - welsh mare bred to Blue

 Awesome welsh foal will be due April 1st 2016

 should be an awesome buckskin ... :)

  She had a beautiful Cremello(maybe super light palomino) filly - Feb,22 2015.. very big surprise for us. 


 splash had a beautiful all white filly - Feb 22 2015 she is for sale (purebred welsh)


  Bambi ~ bred to Eden

Bambi is a  50% friesian and is bred to Eden - due April 3, 2016

 foal will be 75% friesian and will be for sale!

  Awesome colt - born April 3rd - bay with1 blue eye, .

 Our Beautiful half Friesian mare Bambi foaled an awesome bay 75% friesian stud colt - he has a blue eye and has already been sold. (this is her first foal)


 Tessa - Bred to Dejado

Tessa due - April 14th - purebred Spanish Andalusian


#21 Bonnie -- welsh pony


 Bonnie is bred to Blue - sec A Cremello stud.

 Foal will be a double dilute ..

Check out this pedigree!!!!

 Due June 30th 


 bonnie foaled a sweet little perlino filly May 2nd - what a cutie! she is for sale