The Whole Ranch


Wishes - Warlander filly $6500.

2015 Beautiful Warlander filly - very well put together half andalusian half friesian filly

can be registered several ways!

Sire - Eden twr

dam - Estrella Real

 Payments, trades considered




Kenny - 2015 spanish Andalusian colt  $9500

Sire - Dejado Habano

Dam - Jadeante

  Kenny will be an awesome stallion or gelding when mature.

he should mature to over 16 hands.


 Shadow - 2008 buckskin half friesian - $ pt

Shadow - 50% friesian mare

 Sire - Anne Vant Grupje (Frankie) Imported friesian (on stallion page)

Dam - Rockys Fair-Rah - reg half arabian 

  Stands about 15 hands, easy to handle - not yet started.

 will be bred to Eden for a 2016 foal .



Blossom  ~ Perlino  filly  Welsh pony  $3500

Blossom is a sweet beautiful purebred Welsh pony.

 Sire - Cremello sec A  ~ Blue "little Boy Blue"

Dam - Perlino  - Bonnie "Outbacks Bonnie"

  Blossom is a double dilute purebred filly. should mature to about 12.2 hands